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Singapore Trusted Property Pioneer Since 1963

Canvey Developments Pte Ltd is the developers of the Brownstone Executive Condos jointly with the City Developments Ltd and TID Pte Ltd, the umbrella company. Canvey Developments Pte Ltd is a renowned trusted company that was incorporated in 2014 as a private limited company. Their major development is on property owner and developer with their physical address at the City House Building.

Being under the City Developments Ltd has created a big platform that Canvey developments have taken seriously in their work and delivered to clients as expected. High-quality work is their second name with all the projects they have handled.

City Developments Ltd is well established since 1963 and a leading developer in Singapore specializing in International property and local residential and commercial developments. The CDL’s network has grown over time in over 80 locations in 27 countries which include: China, North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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